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4th April 2021

Page of Pentacles:

Listen for a Message...

The Pages of the Tarot are deemed as the message bearers & as this Page is an Earthcentric card; the message or information will be regarding earthly matters such as health, finances or property.  

The Triskele being balanced speaks of harnessing your practical resources in order to enhance the outcome; so use common sense & being willing to learn  new skills around the areas  highlighted by this Page.  Be prepared, as information will flow & open the next chapter of the journey...

Monthly Card Draw

The Gift:  

VII The Chariot:  

Willpower & Tenacity...

The Lesson:

XX Judgement:

Shift in Consciousness...

To receive the Gifts we must learn from & integrate the Lesson.

When we choose to exercise wisdom, self control & place our boundaries in a loving, healthy, respectful way;  we position ourselves to triumph over obstacles as we forge ahead.  Some may give up as we attempt to balance competing messages from the head & heart; instead of understanding that we are in the right place at the right time for the right reason.

As both cards are Major Arcana, there is an underlying message that there is a Divine "setup" at the heart of this; we only have so much control.  It's time to understand where we've travelled the wrong path, or misconstruing  what was in front of us & sabotaged ourselves...it's time for a shift in belief & consciousness in order to forge ahead fully; balancing head, heart & Divine guidance...

The Gift:

Knight of Cups

People Skills & Assertion...

The Lesson:  

XII The Hanged Man:

Allow Inner Growth...

To receive the Gifts we must learn from & integrate the Lessons.

Our Knight is a people person & being the softer of the Knights can have his feelings hurt & lash out.  In lashing out he can mistake aggression for assertion; forgetting to use his strong intuitve skills to glean the truth behind the situation or issue.  The Lesson card echoes the Gift, by reminding us to tune in to our inner world before we react in order to see the truth of any matter.

Dont forget: there are those who "feed" off high emotion in order to gain power over others, so by listneing to oursevles & learning to assert ourselves - we keep the energy where it needs to be - with ourselves...


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