Introducing Vicki

From a young age I wondered why I could see vivid colours surrounding living things, why I would be “shown” highly personal information regarding others lives.  At that time I didn’t understand these occurrences or synchronicities.  Events such as 2 near drownings, other adverse events & circumstances taught me to see others through the eyes of my Soul.  I learned lessons in empathy, inner strength, survival.  I finally surrendered to my vocation & now use those abilities to aid others in their journey through life.

I believe we all have a Divine partnership operating in our lives.  By working in tandem with the Divine we engage our Free Will to change our fate from the one we may feel is “imposed” by others; to one destined for us in our Contract.  Experiences - the positive & happy, the sad & embarrassing, the hostile & unfair, the seemingly insignificant - are all embedded with a deeper meaning & truth for the growth of our Soul & it’s Higher Purpose.  We are given choices, opportunities & abilities & life changing experiences for positive growth.

Decisions need to be made every day, some simple, while others challenge our beliefs about ourselves & our world - leaving us feeling “stuck”; along with fears for the future & self doubt. Sometimes we lose our “compass point” & just need to know if we are still on the right path with an issue or life direction.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to transform your life by knowledge - gaining the clarity necessary to move forward!


The information in your sitting is usually intensely  personal; it is a sacred time between the client & myself.  Please endeavour to keep the sitting about yourself; as it is for YOUR Highest Growth, please resist requesting information regarding others.  This can be a manipulative energy & is a form of abuse.

Information given during a sitting is not meant to be shared with others - however is the client chooses to share any information given - honesty is the best policy! Negativity, blame or manipulations usually become revealed in the scheme of things & have a tendency to rebound!  The Universe always seeks balance & Inner Truth to aid your personal growth.

A good example of manipulative energy is divorce - with one party feeling rejected, hurt, or upset.  They may wish to inflict wounds on the estranged party - whatever the cost.  This often results in emotional, mental & spiritual wounding & damage to both individuals as well as children & pets.  I work with clients to aid their understanding, to help them begin their healing & move forward in their lives; rather than aiding “vengeance”. 


now incorporating

Apotheca Botanica

Vicki, Clairvoyant & Medium

Knowledge is Transformation, Transformation is Freedom


Before I meet with clients I request to be shown in Grace, Love & Wisdom information that is only for their Highest Good & Spiritual Growth.  Guiding information begins to flow, I may see life patterns (sometimes ancestral), recurring situations within relationships. employment, or within family dynamics.  Departed Ones may come through.

Not everything is meant to reveal in the sitting, as your “lesson” in a particular area may not be ready to manifest.  some clients request a definitive outcome or specific timing.  However the knowledge of outcomes may in some instances encourage sabotage - intentionally or not - perhaps risking or preventing future changes.  The information emerging during a sitting is what is meant to reveal at that particular time.

To achieve a positive result from a sitting it is best if the client is open & willing to interact, the information will flow more easily; leading to a productive sitting for the client. 

If the client is closed, angry, or intent on “testing” the clairvoyant; the sitting may not be as productive & free flowing - the client may be denying themselves valuable information!

It is about embracing your journey & being in the moment; rather than becoming totally invested in a final outcome.


Loved Ones who have passed may choose to come through - remember - it is their choice, we cannot demand they communicate.  As a medium one of the frequently asked questions is: “Why didn’t....... come through, they promised they would”  The medium is in an open, detached & objective state, making it easier for the Loved One to pass information through.  Usually after a period of time has elapsed & the passing is somewhat processed the Loved One will attempt to communicate with family members.

Once again, it aids the information flow if the client has an open & involved energy.  If the client is intent on “testing” the medium - the Loved One will still come through, but if the information is not validated the medium may assume it is of no importance, or for someone else & not bring through more information from that direction.

A wonderful connection & accurate sitting for the client is of great importance for me, coming along with an open mind & heart aids immensely.

To aid in a beneficial outcome, it is best if the client approaches the sitting with an open energy & is willing to interact.  If the client is angry, secretive, or demands the answers to be as they  “should” be & resist any new information, or is intent on “testing the clairvoyant”; the results may not be as productive or free flowing.  The client may, in fact, be denying themselves what may be helpful information!

Clients may not receive the answers they expect or want; they will instead receive the information they need.

Remember, the “Truth will come out” - so honesty is the best policy!

**I am NOT  a "fortune teller", so I DO NOT foster the behaviour of "oracle abuse" - that of frequent readings regarding a particular subject; with the client choosing to stay stuck in that energy.    I will not see, or will turn away "psychich junkies" - those who are looking for their "soul mate" or to ascertain whether a spouse is cheating.  I DO NOT offer "lucky numbers, guaranteed to win a fortune"

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